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Max Mathews - The Magnetic Field of The Earth Album Herunterladen

Max Mathews - The Magnetic Field of The Earth Album Herunterladen

Darsteller: Max Mathews
Titel: The Magnetic Field of The Earth
Freigegeben: 1979
Cat#: vanity 2001
Label: Vanity Records
Länder: Japan
Stil: Experimental
Kategorie: Elektronische Musik
MP3-Größe: 1115 mb
FLAC-Größe: 2312 mb




The Magnetic Fields - Charm of the Highway Strip CD - Very Good Condition Condition: Very Good. Time left: 5h 57m 56s Ships to: Worldwide. The Magnetic Fields - Realism Slipcase CD Condition: Like New. Time left: 6h 45m 33s Ships to: Worldwide. The following albums by The Magnetic Fields are ranked highest in the greatest album charts: Sort by. Overall Rank. The magnetic field is vital for life on our planet, as it shields us from cosmic radiation and charged particles emitted from the sun. A large region of reduced magnetic intensity has been observed between Africa and South America, called the South Atlantic Anomaly, and it has formed a center of minimum intensity in just five years. We are very lucky to have the Swarm satellites in orbit to investigate the development of the South Atlantic Anomaly. The challenge now is to understand the processes in Earth's core driving these changes. The weakened field has been on the radar of experts for years - they know that it has lost nine percent of its intensity over the last 200 years. The Earth's magnetic field, which protects us from potentially dangerous solar radiation, is gradually losing its stability. No need to move underground or build space colonies just yet, though: the changes are taking place over millions of years. You might assume that compasses will always point north, but in fact the magnetic poles have swapped places many times in the Earth's history. Because of changing temperatures and fluid flows, the strength of the magnetic field varies, and the positions of the north and south magnetic poles shift. These shifts leave traces in rocks. Earths restless poles. Earths magnetic field is charged by the churn of the molten iron and nickel of our planets outer core, some 1,800 miles below the surface. Over the years, the fields turns and tumbles have been captured by iron-rich minerals attuned to magnetic influences, which can become trapped in place as sedimentary rocks form or lava cools, like tiny compass needles frozen in time. The fast rate left him and his colleagues with a nagging suspicion that they needed to collect more samples. In the summer of 2016, they returned to do just that, cutting some 550 small blocks of rock every four to eight inches. Realism is the ninth studio album by American indie pop band The Magnetic Fields. It was officially released on January 26, 2010 by Nonesuch Records. Described by songwriter Stephin Merritt as his folk album, the instrumentation of Realism is largely acoustic, stark in contrast to the band's previous album, Distortion, released in 2008. Merritt said he thought of the two records as a pair and considered titling the albums True and False, but ultimately could not decide which title would correspond. To know the properties of the earth's magnet at a place, on its surface one must know some quantities which are called elements of the earth's magnetic field, which is suited under the name terrestrial existence of a magnetic field beyond 3. Of course, there isn't really a huge bar magnet inside of Earth Notice how Earth's North Magnetic Pole is actually the south pole of the magnetic field. Earth's magnetic field makes an area in space around our planet called the magnetosphere. Click on image for full size Images courtesy the COMET program and Windows to the Universe original artwork. Related links . Magnetic fields surround electric currents, so we surmise that circulating electic currents in the Earth's molten metalic core are the origin of the magnetic field. A current loop gives a field similar to that of the earth. The magnetic field magnitude measured at the surface of the Earth is about half a Gauss and dips toward the Earth in the northern hemisphere. The magnitude varies over the surface of the Earth in the range 0. 3 to 0. 6 Gauss. The Earth's magnetic field is attributed to a dynamo effect of circulating electric current, but it is not constant in direction. Rock specime. i is the seventh studio album by American indie pop band The Magnetic Fields. It was released on May 4, 2004, by record label Nonesuch. The songs of the album all start with the letter i and are all sung by Stephin Merritt. The songs are also in alphabetical order. The album ditches many of Stephin Merritt's past synthpop and electropop influences, largely being led by guitars and strings. It was followed in 2008, by Distortion, and in 2010, by Realism, which were both also free of synthesizer

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